Yueguan Wang
Etsurin Ou



I am a master student in the University of Tokyo, my advisor is Asso. Prof. Naoki Yoshinaga. My research interest is natural language processing, especially techniques and applications of summarization.


(Expected) MSc.

The University of Tokyo | 2023.4 -

Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology


Tsinghua University | 2018.8 - 2022.6

Department of Electronic Engineering


Referred papers

  • Yueguan Wang and Naoki Yoshinaga, Summarization-based Data Augmentation for Document Classification. The 4th New Frontiers in Summarization (with LLMs) Workshop @ EMNLP 2023. URL
  • Haoyu Wang, Hongming Zhang, Yueguan Wang, Yuqian Deng, Muhao Chen, Dan Roth, Are All Steps Equally Important? Benchmarking Essentiality Detection of Events. EMNLP 2023 URL
  • Yulong Chen, Huajian Zhang, Yijie Zhou, Xuefeng Bai, Yueguan Wang, Ming Zhong, Jianhao Yan, Yafu Li, Judy Li, Michael Zhu and Yue Zhang, Revisiting Cross-Lingual Summarization: A Corpus-based Study and A New Benchmark with Improvement Annotation. ACL 2023 URL

  • Non-referred papers

  • 王悦綸、吉永直樹 文書分類のための要約に基づくデータ拡張 言語処理学会第30回年次大会 (NLP2024)
  • Research And Work Experiences

    AI Engineer Intern

    Matsuo Institute| 2023.10 - Present

    2023.10-2024.1 Interpretable Recommendation systems with LLMs
    2024.1- Dementia Detection with NLP techniques

    Research Assistant

    Westlake University| 2022.10 - 2023.3

    Worked on cross-lingual-summarization and long input summarization
    Advisor: Prof. Yue Zhang

    Research Intern

    USC| 2021.6 - 2021.9

    Worked on proposing a benchmark on natural language understanding
    Advisor: Assi. Prof. Muhao Chen


    My favorite singers

    Namie Amuro, Ariana Grande, and Akina Nakamori

    My favorite dramatist

    Hisashi Nozawa